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Over 46 Years of Outstanding Pet Health

Trust the animal care experts of Flinn Veterinary Clinic in Sidney, OH for optimum pet health. With more than 46 years of professional veterinary experience, our staff will surely put your mind at ease when you hand over your pets to us. Aside from preventative and medical care, we also offer pampering treatments for your dogs and cats. Our expert groomers will give them a soothing scrub and bath.
Woman with her cat at the veterinary clinic — Animal Clinic in Sidney, OH

Why Choose Us?

Accepts Walk-in Appointments
Helps Maintain Pet Wellness Through Dietary and Nutritional Tests
Offers Professional and Reliable Laboratory Solutions
Offers Short-Term and Long-Term Kennels
Provides Exceptional Veterinary Care
Provides Fun and Therapeutic Grooming Services

Expert Pet Care

We believe in providing quality, affordable services for your adorable pets. We are your partner in maintaining their wellness and health. Find out why our animal services have been patronized by many pet owners. Call 937-492-3422 and consult us for expert pet care today.