Expert Veterinary Advice in Sidney, OH



Do you notice some changes in your pet's behavior? Don't let it cause a more serious illness. Consult our animal experts. Protect your dogs and cats from various pet diseases. Bring them to Flinn Veterinary Clinic in Sidney, OH today to receive comprehensive veterinary care.

Should I bring my pet in to get checked out? Below are some reasons you should bring your pet into see us.

If your male animal is straining to urinate, or licking the genitals excessively
If your pet is struggling, or working hard to breathe, or your cat is breathing with the mouth open.
If you pet is having seizures lasting more than 5 minutes, or is having multiple seizures within a single 24 hour period.
If your pet is bleeding a lot it should be seen immediately.
Any non-spayed female dog with a vaginal discharge that is yellow-green, green, or brown-bloody mucus.
Kittens that have a discharge that sticks the eyelids shut, or very young kittens that have bulging eyes.
If your pet has a rectal temperature of 106.0 or higher, or a temperature less than 99.0 Fahrenheit.
If your dog has a distended abdomen, is retching, weak or depressed.
If your pets collapses or faints.
If your pet is panting excessively and feels hot to the touch.
If your pet has eaten chocolate, mouse or rat poison, antifreeze, lily plants, mushrooms, bread dough, sugarless gum or sugar substitutes or any human medications.
If your pet has fight wounds. These will become infected within 8 hours.

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